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Whether it’s a spirited drive on some twisty country roads, a quest for the best donuts, a weekend trip to meet up with another club, or a citywide scavenger hunt one thing is certain, we love our MINIs and we know how to have fun!

Check out our Events Calendar and come to an event or two to see what we’re all about. Also, check us out on Facebook at St. Louis MINI Club or St. Louis MINI Club Members Lounge

Love your MINI?



The St. Louis MINI Club is committed to helping those who help others. We feel we should share more than just the road with those around us. We are happy to have associations with the organizations listed below. We urge you to participate either through our activities or on your own.


BackStoppers – Serving families of fallen police officers and fire fighters in Missouri and Illinois


Toys for Tots – The Marine Corps. collects toys for less fortunate children in our community

About Us


The purpose of the St. Louis MINI Club is the promotion, enjoyment, maintenance, and preservation of all types of MINIs/Minis and related vehicles. We also strive for the promotion and improvement of driving skills, automobile safety, and the MINI’s image. But most of all, we’re all about having fun!

Love your MINI? Join the Club!


Dig our website? Check out upcoming events on the calendar. Join the club by using our convenient online membership form. Gain in your motoring knowledge by visiting our links of interest. See what we’re up to in the community. Look at photos taken at past events. Pick-up essential St. Louis Area Motoring Aids. And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly does being in a car club mean? I’d like to join, but I’m a little scared about joining a car club.
A: Don’t be scared. While we can’t speak for other car clubs, we’re all about having fun with our cool little cars. We have many different types of events, like car detailing sessions, cruises to Missouri wine country wineries, happy hours, car shows, road rallyes and many others. You can pick and choose which events you find most enjoyable. But, we do recommend that you give every type of event a shot, you won’t be sorry!

Q: Is it just a bunch of car guys?
A: Absolutely not! We have all types of members. At events you are likely to see parents, children, dogs, grandparents, married couples, single people, mothers, fathers, babies, crazy uncles… MINI Coopers attract those that are young at heart, and those in our club represent that. Everyone is welcome! But, we won’t lie to you; we do have some car guys.

Q: How do sessions at a racetrack work?
A: Track sessions give you a chance to learn more about driving safely, learning the capabilities of your incredible Cooper, while being in a safe, controlled environment.

Q: What benefits are there to being a member?
A: What, other than being surrounded by other, cool Cooper owners!? Well, members receive a t-shirt, sticker, a membership card (don’t leave home without it!). In addition, they are placed on an e-mail listing of members for club member exclusive news and enjoy discounts at many Mini-related businesses and services. Check out the Sponsor page for a complete listing of discount offerings.

Q: What does being in the club cost?
A: Membership dues for the club are $25 for the first year and $25 for renewals after that. Yes, you heard right! For a mere $25 you can be a part of one very cool little car club! When you think about it, what other investment can gain you this much enjoyment and fun for just around 7 to 8 cents per day?

Q: How do I join the club?
A: We’re glad you asked! Simply click on the Membership link, fill out the convenient online form, click submit, and start preparing yourself for some serious fun! We’ll be in touch shortly after with a hearty welcome and more information about the club.

Click here for a copy of our constitution.

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