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The little car that makes everyone smile

These are without a doubt unprecedented times. Working from home may be our new standard and kids going to school seems like a thing of the past. Having personal contact with other people is a natural thing for humans beings. We feel out of our element an alone without the "human touch". It becomes harder and harder for us to keep a positive outlook and find happiness in a space that we was once a place called home, which now may feel like four walls and a roof. Yet - happiness and hope prevails.

Abby Murphy - A teacher and advisor for Online Learning Haven is providing a summer school crafts class for kids. Her latest assignment: She is helping her kids research car models and states that they are having a lot of fun with it.

Now, this may be bias, but what is a project about car models without our beloved MINI Coopers? Well not much fun I can tell you that! One of her girls, Lucy went above and beyond the assignment. Not only did Lucy find us, The MINI Club of St. Louis but found a very interesting and informative article about the history of the MINI Cooper.

There is something about the Mini Cooper that brings people together. As they say, it is the only car that comes with a family. And we are just that - family. With ownership comes responsibility and there are a few rules to follow:

  1. ALWAYS Park next to another MINI; backing into parking space is prefered

  2. Take your MINI to meet other MINIs - they do love to socialize

  3. SAVE THE WAVE! - always wave at other MINIs

  4. Be Unique and true to yourself and your MINI - no two MINIs are identical.

  5. Naming your MINI is highly advised.

  6. Always be ready to rally - LET'S MOTOR!

Lucy - thank you so much for providing us with the website you found. We can never learn enough about our beloved little cars. The next time you see a MINI - Wave! They may just wave right back at you :)

Thank you Abby for all you do in these difficult times.

Tara Fann

Membership Coordinator


Here is a link to the article that Lucy provided us:


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